Dr G K Pandey

All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health, Kolkata

With the first issue, I am pleased to announce the launch of Indian Journal of Hygiene and Public Health,(IJHPH). The Hygiene and Public Health have been and remain attractive areas of research in much of the developing world. With the launch of ‘clean India’ campaign by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, there is going to be renewed and growing interest. It is assumed, the increasing number of people will be drawn in this endeavour and will need a platform for publication of their research output.

The IJHPH aims to address this need and to be the main and natural forum for sharing their views on Hygiene and Public Health Issues. The Journal intends to primarily publish papers on applied aspects of hygiene and public health with focus on innovative approaches and methodologies that find real world application.

IJHPH will be published half yearly. All published papers will be available online in the Website of Journal. The Journal will contain original research papers on topics listed in the “Aims and Scope” of Journal. Journal may occasionally contain special issues on contextual themes related to hygiene and Public Health. Besides, the journal will also have regular columns and features to disseminate and share information of common interest to the Public Health Practitioners.

Starting up a new journal is a tricky issue and cannot be accomplished without untiring efforts of a dedicated team. I am particularly grateful to the members of Journal Management Committee. I am sure their reputation and expertise in the field will have a significant contribution in shaping up the journal and making the IJHPH a prestigious journal.

It is also my great pleasure to welcome the members of extensive editorial Board of IJHPH. The Journal relies on their expertise for reviewing and accepting papers to the journal.

I hope the members of the Management Committee and the Editorial Board will continue to help the Journal in future.

I wish to thank the authors who submitted papers to the first issue of IJHPH. We are grateful that they responded to our invitation. Lastly, I wish to thank the Directorate General of Health Services and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India for providing constant support and encouragement in this mission.